Issues & Actions

KSAN has been active on many inner-city issues over the past 20 years. Below are listed some of the issues we have been involved with in the past and some that continue into the present.




The Journey Home – dealing with Homelessness in Kelowna – 2018

Homelessness is an evolving issue in our city and directly affects residents in the KSAN area due to our closeness to the city centre and the facilities available to the homeless.  Follow this link to information on the City of Kelowna website.





an annual event each February


The Heritage Week (February 19-24th, 2018) theme for this year is “Heritage Stands the Test of Time”

follow this link for events happening throughout the area  (Heritage Week events for posting – update Jan 24 ).  KSAN is concerned about preserving its Heritage trees and as part of Heritage Week events, Blair Stewart (Parks Services Manager, City of Kelowna) will be giving a lecture about this issue at the Ellis Street library on Thursday evening, February 22nd at 7:00pm.  Come and hear what he has to say and let us know if you have concerns about preserving Kelowna’s trees.  The following link will take you to the 1992 Heritage Tree Inventory,

Heritage Tree Inventory 1992




Kelowna residents walk the beach to protest shoreline barriers (August 2017)

250 people walk Okanagan Lake’s shore in hopes of removing walls, fences, docks that block access to water

Around 250 Kelowna residents walked the city’s shoreline on Okanagan Lake Sunday in a protest aimed at removing barriers that block access to the water.

“This is a friendly walk to bring awareness to the fact that a lot of the foreshore that is to be passable, is not passable now because of some fences built out into the water, some docks,” said one of the walk organizers, Brenda Bachmann.

The foreshore is the part of the shoreline which lies between the high-water and low-water marks.

Over the years, waterfront homeowners have built docks, walls and fences on their properties to enhance their access to the lake and prevent others from walking in front of their residences along the shore.

see the links below for various articles about this issue….



For 2016, Heritage Week in British Columbia took place February 15th to 21st.  The theme was “Distinctive Destinations – Experience Historic Places”.

  • distinctive (adjective): having a special quality, style, attractiveness; notable.
  • destination (noun): the place to which a person traces or is sent.


2016 HERITAGE TEA THE HOTEL ELDORADO;  Sunday, February 21st, 2:00-4:00pm.  Many Kelowna residents joined KSAN for Sunday Tea at the hotel that has provided a historic destination resort experience for 90 years!

photos of the 2016 event:

IMG_0112 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0125 IMG_0130

The original Eldorado Arms was built in 1926 by the Countess Bubna of Austria as a sophisticated, luxury hotel of European standards.  Done in the English style, half timbered and gabled, it was the finest hotel in Kelowna at that time and patronized by genteel society.  Originally located at 4519 Eldorado Road in the Mission area, the hotel was moved by barge to Cook Road, five kilometres down the lake, in March 1989, burned down in April and was rebuilt in 1990.

Hotel-Eldorado-KelownaEldorado Arms 4Eldorado Arms 3 eldorado arms 2 EldoradoArms_1





DSCN0445 IMG_2816

For 2015 the theme of Heritage Week, February 16-22nd, 2015 was “Main Street – at the Heart of the Community”.  As part of the events throughout the city, KSAN hosted a “Tea and Tidbits” event at First United Church First United Churchon Saturday, February 22nd which included a guided tour of First United Church and talks by Sharron Simpson and Alice Lundy.


IMG_3525 IMG_3530 DSCN0496


KELOWNA GENERAL HOSPITAL  – an ongoing issue


Extensive new development at Kelowna General Hospital has lead to many ongoing issues for nearby residents. Construction and building noise, utility disruptions, and uncertainty about future expansion are some of the concerns. And – despite many new initiatives to control it – parking for staff, patients, construction workers and visitors remains a large problem to be solved.parking in the KGH neighbourhood

KSAN members are currently participating on different committees which are aiming to address the many growth issues at KGH.  (Check our Bulletin Board for updates.)




NEIGHBOURHOOD PARKING  – issues and solutions

KSAN believes that residential neighbourhoods should not be used as parking lots to service hospitals, public parks, commercial zones, schools, colleges, universities or other generators of parking demand.  Many other cities in BC and across Canada also recognize this practice as undesirable.

KSAN is experiencing increased parking pressure in some areas of its neighbourhoods, particularly in areas where “pay to park” facilities result in drivers seeking out free and easy alternatives on the streets in our residential neighbourhoods.

The streets belong to everyone when used in a fair and balanced manner.  Kelowna’s growing pains are not unique and we can look upon many other examples of how other municipalities have handled the same problems to ensure balance and positive livability in residential neighbourhoods.

Click PARKING – FINAL 12JAN16 for details: