Pandosy Waterfront and Cedar Park – “People for the Park” – updated March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 update – The charrette took place on February 25-26, 2014.  Much has been published in the local media about the plans for the area that were developed by the participants of the charrette.  These plans will be presented to council at some time in the near future.  The consensus of the participants is that any development should be across the street from the park.  We look forward to seeing what the final plans will look like and how council will respond.  Below are the architects versions of the 2 plans proposed at the charrette.  One involves the rerouting of Abbott Street.  Both incorporate a building for the Paddle Club on the park site.  All other buildings are just suggestions of what might be built on private land across from the park.  Both involve giving up some of the  city owned property to facilitate paying for the park construction.

Refined_1 Refined_4

Cedar Ave Land Aquisition History


News release by Michael Neill (People for the Park)of February 11, 2014 regarding the current situation…..


Below is a news release from the City of Kelowna re their planned Charette

News Releases

01/27/2014 03:30 PM PST
Public engagement process
The public engagement process that will see the City and the community work together to craft a new plan for Pandosy Waterfront gets underway today with the launch of the City’s online engagement tool.“We’ve worked with the KLO Central Neighbourhood Association to come up with an engagement process that will include a broad range of participants who represent the diverse interests of the Pandosy neighbourhood and Kelowna as a whole,” said Graham Hood, Strategic Land Development Manager for the City of Kelowna.Input will be collected through the online engagement tool until Feb. 21 and then be used to feed into a type of urban design workshop called a charrette, which is scheduled for Feb. 25 and 26. 

A group of about 25 to 30 volunteers will take part in the two-day event, looking at a variety of perspectives to come up with a balanced solution for the site. Residents, businesses and community organizations will all take part.


For those who can’t be involved directly in the charrette, there are public review opportunities built into the process. You’ll be able to comment on the work of the charrette group at the end of each workshop day and in one final open house on Feb. 27. This can be done in person or from home as the City will make same information available on the City’s website.


For project information and to find out about signing up for the charrette, visit and to start sharing your ideas, go to