KGH Emergency Parking Problem – updated March 24, 2014

IMG_0389IMG_0387A public hearing was held on Tuesday evening July 30th, to discuss the problem of there being no parking lot adjacent to the IHA Emergency Department and the negative impact that is creating in the adjacent Abbott Street Conservation Area with KGH staff, patients and visitors parking on neighbourhood streets because there is inadequate parking provided by IHA for the needs of the hospital.  This situation will only intensify in the future as the hospital expands.  KSAN and FRAHCAS are working hard to help find a workable solution to this difficult issue and still preserve the unique heritage area next to the hospital that is being so significantly impacted.  The situation has been described as having to deal with a root canal while still keep the remaining teeth intact and healthy.  See the attached link for CHBC coverage of the issue.

WATCH: Kelowna overrides heritage designation for parking lot globalnews.caCalling it a tough but necessary decision, Kelowna city council has voted to override its own heritage designation to create more parking around the city’s hospital.  – July 29, 2013


The above article discusses the parking problems around KGH and the impact on the Abbott Street Conservation Area.  A public hearing is to be held on Tuesday evening, July 30th regarding this issue.  Impacted area residents have presented a united proposal to the city to deal with some important stipulations if construction of this parking lot is to proceed.

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March 24, 2014 – KSAN and FRAHCAS continue to liase with IHA and the City of Kelowna as we try to establish a mutually acceptable solution to the problems in the area resulting from the significant lack of parking for staff, patients and visitors to KGH.  At the moment, the immediately affected homeowners adjacent to KGH have completed a survey asking for their input.  This information will be compiled and presented to Council to be followed by a public meeting likely in June of 2014.

Daily Courier article about the historic home on the property across from KGH emergency entrance where the new parking lot will be.


And this is FRAHCAS’s position paper that has been presented to the City outlining our concerns and suggestions.