KSAN’s History

Livability and Character Our Top Concerns

Since our inception in 1993 the goals of KSAN have been to maintain and improve the quality of life for residents, and to work to preserve and promote the unique history of our area of the city.  We have been active and involved in many issues that challenge our mandate and we invite all residents to be aware and involved in the issues.

KSAN was established in 1993 when area residents grew concerned about development and growth pressures in Kelowna’s inner-city. Since then, KSAN has been an active participant in many initiatives aimed at growing responsibly while maintaining character and quality-of-life for residents. View KSAN’s KSAN Constitution and By-laws

Pro-active on Heritage

1)  In 1998, KSAN undertook the restoration of the threatened Pettigrew House (built 1906) on the (former) KSS school grounds. With the cooperation of School District #23, and with funding support from HRDC, we were able to restore the exterior of the home and rent the house to tenants who kept the house secure and helped with interior restoration.droppedImage - Pettigrew House

After the land ownership issue was settled in the City’s favour, the Pettigrew House was moved in 2005 to DeHart Avenue to make way for new development on the KSS land. KSAN opposed this move, as the building is on the Kelowna Heritage Register; an intact character home (the last remaining of three “Treadgold cottages”) was demolished to make way; and we felt that the Pettigrew House could have been integrated into new development/parkland on the KSS site.



images knowles house 32) In 2000, KSAN undertook the restoration of the Knowles House (built 1908) on Bernard Avenue. In partnership with the City of Kelowna, and with funding support from HRDC, we restored the exterior and the front interior of the first home to the Knowles family.

Ksan continues to use Knowles house for meetings.  The City of Kelowna owns the property, and it adjoins Knowles Park.

Bernard-Lawrence Walking Tour3)  As a City Centennial project in 2005, KSAN created a full-colour walking tour brochure highlighting the 28 Heritage Register buildings located in the Bernard-Lawrence neighbourhood. The brochure printing was funded by the Kelowna Heritage Foundation. In 2012, KSAN updated the brochure, which now includes 32 buildings, as part of the new Heritage Sign Project. Bernard-Lawrence Walking Tour

Pro-active on Transportation

1)  In 2003, KSAN opposed the “One-Way Couplet” plan to accommodate traffic through our residential areas for the new Okanagan Lake Bridge. In a partnership with other community groups we formed the KNOW Committee and were successful, among 200+ plus speakers at Kelowna’s largest-ever Public Hearing, in convincing City Council to find a better-balanced transportation solution. In 2005, KSAN was a stakeholder member of the Council-appointed Roads Task Force wherein a compromise was found and endorsed by all stakeholder groups and City Council.


Knowles Park2)  Early in 2006, KSAN opposed the laneway through Knowles Park as we felt the integrity of the park was a higher priority than moving traffic through this urban center amenity. City Council agreed and the laneway was closed, which will allow for a more pedestrian-friendly oasis in this busy area.


Join Us!

If you reside within our boundary areas and are interested in community issues, we encourage you to join KSAN. Memberships are $10.00 per calendar year, one membership per household. Send your name, address and email contact info with a cheque to: KSAN, 865 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P6
KSAN area map



KSAN: A Registered, Non-profit Society

KSAN fully complies with City of Kelowna requirements to be a registered, non-profit society.

As such, we have 1) a KSAN Constitution and By-laws, 2) and elected Board of Directors of 10 residents, 3) meet regularly and take minutes of meetings which are open to the public, 4) vote and adopt the majority opinion on contentious issues, 5) hold an Annual General Meeting each year, 6) maintain our status as a society, 7) and for several years have published a newsletter distributed to 2000-2500 homes to keep residents informed of our issues and actions.